Aug. 4th, 2010 12:18 pm
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Y'know, I just realized that September 15th will mark the one-year anniversary of my relationship with Meremi. O.o My life with her has been awesome and squee and win indeed. :-). To think it has been only one year, but what a year it has been. :-). We've been together for only a year but already have our kids with us. Meremi has Merehaza and Rarzalami from Shutak, I have Shezarae, Tetresuv, and Valzon. Our family grew quite a bit more with all the adoptions and then the sequence of pregnancies and infants the two of us have been dealing with, the artificial uteri, the age-upgrades, the diaper changes, and so on. (I would hope the love and the caring for and the playing with and snuggling with would go without saying but since Imperials and Americans alike can be dumbfucks.....).

The two of us have much love together. We're both survivors in our own ways, and we've both lived lives as independent strong women, albeit I've had a father figure always present and she had to survive completely on her own for over 50 years, which is the main reason in some ways we end up having our usual arguments. We are both, we found with raised eyebrows and some rather harsh exchanges with Nelson Marks and Ioseb Jugashvili, number 1 and number 2 respectively on the Crew MILF list. That pockmarked Georgian toad admitted that he'd tried to reign it in but only succeeded in keeping this list from drawing in any other system or Cross-Time counterparts. The idea of a MILF list outrages us and fortunately when Set Molotov paid a little impromptu visit to remind them of that problem they promised to change things to avoid being less sexist and then did so by adding a DILF list. >.> Wasn't what Set and Gus had in mind at all and now they're along with us in the bickering over this. Jugashvili, though, left the whole forum that's a part of and moved to another one the first time we came by. Instead Marks replaced him with Yasunori Kato. Yeah......ex-totalitarian replaced with Demon Summoner. *clap clap.* I'm looking forward to the LULZ should Courtney Ardoin glance at it.......

But all the same, in a little over a month we'll have been together for 365.24 Gregorian days and one Imperial Standard Year. My Meremi......that lovely green-furred wife of mine has given my life a lovely, warm quality that a happy marriage between two women such as us would have. :-).


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