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Awesome! My kids and family and I had an awesome-squee-win time. :-). I loved it, and so did Meremi. She was kind of the person around whom the festivity had revolved as I'd wanted it from yea September onward. She was so touched she's speechless still.

I love my wife so much and I am 10,000 times honored to be hers. 1 year already. *sighs contentendly.* Gods willing the first of many, many more. I love my wife and family so much. <333333.
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I've been reflecting on my life as a young married working mother of two with Order responsibilities and my wife and I also have our own responsibilities from our days as freelancers. Our seven-month anniversary is in two days and so it's been an occasion for me to reflect on things. I can honestly say without my wife and the kids I wouldn't be anywhere but a psychiatric hospital right now. Having Meremi and all 22 of our kids makes everything that much easier for me. We're both working mothers and wives of each other (we're poets and yes we do know it) and we're both the same age.

In this time, 4 Maxidren, the new Imperial Standard Year, it is also the start of our first calendar Imperial Standard Year as a married couple. We've known each other for two Imperial Standard Years but have been married since the Auspicuous Day, or the Gregorian date of December 1st 2009. Ours is a complex family of many people, including our Chosen-sibs in other systems and the two of us, both our broader extended families and the wrinkles of our past lives.

And y'know, though I'm a young married working mother at ages I did not foresee exactly being this, with all that happened last year and this year......I would trade none of it. My wife and all our children mean that much to me. 2 days before our seven-month-anniversary and all is win. My pregnant wife has her arms around me and is nuzzling me now. This is my life, and for all the trauma and nastiness I am working through I can say sincerely nothing of this is worth trading for me.

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My party was truly awesome. ^.^ The music was great, the company better, the presents were great, everyone being there was best.

I got some awesome gifts, from people up to and including Triangle (a couple things from him, actually, including things for Shalzani and Kezani to play with) and Rachel's gift was fuckwin. You rock, sis. ^.^ Gus had set it up so none of my triggers would end up applying and I was very much excited to see Loxari there. ^.^ This was a nice bit of win that for a day has let me put aside all the fail. The food was good, and my wife singing was really, really good. ^.^



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