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Meremi's pregnancy's going well. She's the morning-sickness fail but I'm taking good care of her and ensuring she's well. She's happy with things about the pregnancy as they are. She's not used to being taken care of the way I care for her. Something tells me her Exile was rather more unpleasant than she speaks of. She's currently curled up against my side, sighing happily.

Shezarae and Tetresuv are spending today with their Mommy Kana, which provides some comfort for all three. Shezarae is proving to be quite the sassy little girl as she comes out of her shell, and is one of the most stubborn kids in the family. She's also expressed interest in learning how to dance. Tetresuv is proving to be a quiet, contemplative, nice kid. The other kids that try to monkey around with him never relish the experience thereafter, though.......

Valzon is currently starting to train himself to use his powers. He's been afraid of them but has accepted that they won't go away just because he is afraid of them. He's currently training himself to wield Mind-Fire, and is proving very precocious at his skills. He's creating entire blasts of the thing aimed at a training-mech and has developed a 60% accuracy only 70 years of age. Kashori is proving to be rather the more pacific than her brother, and by virtue of a property of cloning is almost nothing like Masadri *or* myself but a great deal like Lord H'vorxixnon. Including her preference for healing over offensive use of her powers.

Merehaza is happy his Mommy's having another baby and he himself is learning to wield his own powers. He's also learned he's a Seer himself, inheriting the talent from Mere. As are Vi M and Agati H both. They all three consider it a curse, not a blessing. They are also all very close together as a group, forming a triad who are very clever and also are preferring to use things like my super-speed and super-strength together.

Kameshi is at an age where she's lonely a lot of the time. She's got her siblings around and they alleviate it to a great degree, but Kammie really feels lonely and I think I know why. It will have to be a mother-daughter thing to handle, though. She's been really triggery lately because this is a bad time for those things and will probably be writing a lot about that when she begins to Front herself.

Akhlani is becoming one of Kammie's closest confidants. She's very contemplative herself, and reminds me of a Buddhist Bhikkun. However she considers an idea like Ahimsa to be a sign of weakness, not one of strength, and has a great deal of Suvacel in her warlike manners. What is of me in her is the ability to channel this into something more than simply fighting and curb-stomping.

I've still got several babies to care for. There's Suvacel's twins, Susan's twins, and there's Tekhel. Tekhel himself will be coming by the week after next to stay with us for a bit. He's learning a lot of things, including the ability to engage in Creation with a capital C. It's interesting to watch it and my heart aches that I don't get to see my son very much these days.

The babies are doing well, Susan's twins are always hungry but are also quiet infants. They have six eyes of silver, and whispy silver hair like Susan has naturally. Sometimes it hurts Tamar to see the kids because they remind her of Susan, and her being in a triggery state this morning doesn't help. >.> Suvacel's babies are also hungry a lot but they are also rather noisy, demanding children as Akhlani herself was as a baby.

Me? I'm exhausted, triggery, recovering from a surgery that healed a physical problem I had from one of the rapes, and finishing a treatment designed to cure permanently an STD from another. I'm also sore a lot these days, and while i don't know the exact reason I believe there's a couple of possibilities, the most likely of which is that bullet from Thunderhelm that's still stuck in me and hurts on a cold morning, as this morning is in Hataria.

I also keep having tremors in my hands which vex me, as they come and go. I've painted up a storm of paintings, too, a couple of which I intend to see if some in other systems might want (thinking of Kitsune and my Sis).



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