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Triangle comes to see me a lot these days. I know why he does, mind. These two babies in my arms......they're why. They're all that Susan has left of her these days. (The Other-Susan is a cross-time parallel and is a completely different person). The only thing he has left of her is these two grandchildren. They've six eyes of silver and Susan's original silver hair color. Their part-human nature comes in in their noses, their twenty fingers and toes, and their browridgeless faces. I look at these two little babies....and I see them happy and content. Their grandfather has come to see them and he's talking to me-within-Frontspace.

I love Kalzani and Shezani very much. Two little girls, and they are the quietest of my children. I've sometimes seen that when Alkhani would cry with her colic, they'd unleash soothing-vibes that managed to soothe her and stop all the other babies from crying as well, because every one of them would be calm. They're very affectionate, too, and when Meremi's playing with them, I've sometimes seem them cuddle up on her, and they look so sweet and happy in so doing. They'll just squeeze one of Meremi's fingers and smile at her and she'll smile back. I find myself wondering, sometimes, what these girls will be like as they grow up. They've Autin heritage in their light green fur (to the point that it's effectively a little bit coarser version of a normal human hair coating, which itself is more numerous than that of Pan troglodytes) and the stripes on their faces.

These, too, are my babies and I shall give them the home and the love they need. They've two mommies in Meremi and myself who love them very much. And that is how things will be.



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