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I will be doing portal sketches about Valzon coming back to live with me permanently, about my meeting Kameshi, her being adopted legally, and her first meeting with her Aunt Rachel, and about the return of Shezarae and Merehaza into our lives.

This is the first one, about the day that Valzon came back. As a bit of background, the House of Mi and the House of Ri are pretty bitter enemies, and Hevenemi, Meremi's father, does not have much taste for Masadri's kin. That changed after this.

It was just another oncology scan. I had been praying that the results would be negative, when I heard Meremi speaking to someone. She turned off the Sim-Screen and said "Vi, your aunt has said your son will be coming to see you. I look forward to meeting him." Hearing those words the butterflies in my stomach stopped fluttering and I looked with my six eyes into Meremi's two. There was a monitoring drone releasing the light hissing of its anti-grav engine flying by, and it saw a couple of children in a scrap. It beeped and told them "Kids, please quit that, I'm supposed to be on an off day, not having overtime." They straightened up and did so.

Meremi's beautiful blue eyes looked into me, and I saw compassion in them. She saw my nervousness in mine and took my hands in hers. She looked me in my eyes, all six of them, and said "Love, I've told you of Merehaza, have I not?" And I nodded. Calmer now. My heart stopped its slightly-faster rating due to that fear and she said "I would never judge you for that. When I was hurt.....I lost any chance to have my first child as I had thought it would be. Merehaza......I long to have my son back, and I will look forward to it. This boy's father means no more to me than he is half his DNA."

I then heard the door chimes make their light tinkling sound. Ling-a-ling-a-ling. My Aunt Keshri stood there, holding her son on her hip. She gestured to Valzon, who was a little bashful. He had his Autin heritage in terms of his facial features, greenish fur with a reddish hue to the skin beneath it. He had his thumb in his mouth and he had his right foot over his left foot. His six shale eyes, a feature I had myself were looking around, kind of nervously. Aunt Keshri squatted down and said "It's all right, little one. Your mother's over there." And he looked up.

Imperial waiting rooms are sterile places. There's reading material, which often reflects the socioeconomic status and political biases and prejudices of the doctor. My particular oncologist is a Syndicalist, and had much material from the Gerushunai Popular League there. The rooms tend to be a neutral color, which means to human eyes they appear white. The chair Mere sat in and the one I sat in both had seating material of a deep orange color, and the carpeting was of a yellow color. Valzon, his greenish-black fur shining in the globe-lights, looked where Aunt Keshri was pointing. By the window he saw me, that day wearing a red blouse and a pink skirt, with a silver trimming on the blouse and the skirt.

His face lit up with joy, and he squeed and shouted "Mommy!" and the drone shushed everyone who grumbled about it with a sudden flashing of red which made them STFU. And he flew, literally, into my arms. And I held my boy, who cooed happily for a second and then looked at Meremi. She was rather nervous, as she knew he saw the Mi family markings on her, but he said something which warmed her heart "You found the one you were looking for! YAY!" and he squeed and gestured to her to hug him. And she did. He noticed her Trarh-Khan bulk and facial-structure, as well as her bipedalism and said something else: "You half-Autin, too?" And Meremi nodded. And he squeed again and said "Mommy loves you?" and she smiled, looked at me and said "Oh, yes." And Valzon squeed once more and said "This is totally frickin' awesome." And then the door chimed and my oncologist gestured me in.

And I went into the office, with Meremi to my right, and we had Valzon walking between us, a big happy smile on his face. Out of the corner of my middle-left eye I noticed one of the Xenten patients making a "D'aww" face and smiled. It had passed over us.



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