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I've spent today with my wife and family as Abraxas showed us Earth in the Mesozoic era. Kameshi wanted to see what Tyrannosaurus rex was really like as a living creature. The result so enthralled her that she accidentally transformed into a juvenile tyrannosaurine without intending to. It was funny and we all laughed afterward. Even she did.

I've Front for the next week, BTW. We may or may not go on that damned vacation and I wish the Bio-Parents would make up their minds. >.<


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A placeholder for when I update this later. Made it here safely and the appointment itself is at 1:10. Here goes.....


Edit-The appointment was quick, clean, and there should be no further trouble. The Gods be thanked. And now to Kameshi......


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And that's going to be about 1 PM Central.

In terms of my own health (as opposed to that of this body), my STD treatments should be finishing soon, and I'll be seeing a doctor about the tremors in my hands. The thing with the Time Lord sometimes means that I have days where I wake up and *everything* hurts though Dehinsar said that being screwed around with Chronetically will cause that kind of thing every so often. It's been a very triggery few weeks, but that's been the case for a bit as it is. I've appreciated that Ashari has given both Kana and myself some privacy with our own issues.

She's currently playing with little Ashari and she looks so cute. ^.^ I've got Shezani sleeping on me right now and she looks so peaceful. ^.^ So that's where things are. Am a bit nervous about the foot thing and will have an update on it afterward. This Bio-Body sometimes gets scrapes we don't remember how it gets so alien blood doesn't phase me. What might happen here, though.....*grimaces.* We'll see.....and after I write said update Kammie's turn to Front begins.....

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Turns out that we've got that Foot procedure today about 1 PM. Wu and River had completely forgotten it, and Gus had to be reminded of that fact. So I've Front for today, and then this weekend through the next week Kameshi, then during Finals week Kanari.

As it is, I am here when I didn't see that coming. I'll have an actual update about things with my family later.



Apr. 23rd, 2010 02:13 pm
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Being able to actually leave Front for the first day in about seven or so (I wasn't necessarily *in the body* but *you* try being locked in sync with an alien which has to you Blue and Orange morality and see how *you* like it) did wonders for my health. All the trigger-fail of the last week....far less so.

The foot surgery is at 3:30 Central, so I'll be leaving about 3 and when we get back, Shezarae will be in Front for a full Gregorian Week. And Kammie and Mehev and Kana and I will be very studious about *not* being in the Frontspace (except a "night daughter/night sis" and "morning daughter/sis" bit, of course) so.....yeah.



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