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And I should note that I am immensely grateful for my family. For my father, for my wife, for my children & nieces and nephews, and for my extended sisters. With the mission tomorrow, I am reflecting on some things, and I've come to realize that I've been to see neither Rach nor Sarah as much as I should have been, and I am going to be doing more of it. I've the mission to get through first (and primarily so it doesn't end up adding fuel to the problems you guys already have, I'd not forgive myself for that or for risking it) but the moment that's over.....I'll be coming over at least to the SPI (if the Rhiannon-space is still on lockdown I shall of course respect that) and doing things there. It's been too long.

And I should also note that on a more vindictive nature one of the things which irritates me the most about Singlet-mask is pretending to be a good little Evangelical. We try to subvert it as much as possible, but as much as possible is not very much in the Deep South. >.> As a person from a culture which believes in many gods, the atheism of the Front irritates me immensely in no small part because if it could see/recognize that for instance, Morrighan-who-is-Revcel-and-Kesheli's and Rachel-Morrighan and Rachel-Freyja and Imperial-Odin are all very real indeed....but it's a useless cause. It dismisses them all as a kind of Goa'uld-type faker at best. >.>

To have to pretend to be a good little Baptist is something I in particular chafe at. I for one find it disgusting to pretend to like a religion which centers around how Earth-counterparts of people like me are disgusting filthy causers of all societal misery now and in the past. I am not alone in that, but it cannot be helped that I am here because of this day meaning something to the Axhamani as well (and it doesn't help that the Axhamani at least have a trinitarian monotheism centered around a god-man who preached peace and social justice but got an execution method for treason against the state that deals with something *other* than the evils of sex and which is in fact a sex-positive religion, reasoning that if Suvaamush created the desires then it is denigrating that which He made good to attempt to suppress them). But that's what I have to do, and on this particular Sunday, no less. >.>

So that's how things are this morning.


Edit-Oh, I forgot to mention this: Lady Kanari sang the Battle Cry of Freedom last night. I think it's in part becoming the new Crew "anthem" of sorts. It's a catchy tune that fits in with a lot of stuff, and she put some real emotion into it. She's a good singer, too. Has a deeper voice than I do.



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