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Kana, Kammie, and I were all experimented on by the Architects of fear. Kana's actually different from Kammie and myself in that she was 3 calendar years of age when the nastiness started. Kammie and I had improved (!) versions of that shit from infancy. Thus our brains developed wrong & screwy compared to everyone else. It was right in their earliest days, too. A lot of my screwy-fuzzy-can't-focus-enthusiasm-apathy-love-hate-interested-couldn'tcareless stuff comes directly from that. I sometimes get splitting headaches that almost blind me and don't fade for a while, and these can come from *any* extreme emotion that ends up blending with my powers.

And I sometimes have a telepathy-wonk where I just hear everybody talking and it won't stop. Because my brain has been modified that I have an extremely powerful version of the ability. Wonks like that can put Glau-River and Wu both into temporary catatonia. And in my case it's hearing literally millions of thoughts all at once. It's why Kana and I both can have seizures. The problem is that we literally cannot have our brains repaired as otherwise our personalities would become entirely unrecognizable, regardless of whether it'd make us nicer or turn us into Magneto-style omnicidal maniacs.

And I don't talk about it very much but when I was 70 Kana fell deeply ill. So they captured me, the Men in Black Armor did, and they forced me through an instananeous version of what did happen to Suvacel. It didn't work with me but for the next 60 years I would sometimes literally wake up as Revcel after going to sleep Vishori. Kana herself dealt the psychic death-blow to that particular version of her consciousness, meaning that 2010 is the first year since 1950 that I've been able to have my own head to myself. And that was no headmate, either. Kana has them, I don't. This was a literal attempt to bake my consciousness to non-existence that failed and left a Revcel-copy in my head that was attempting to take me over.

But that means that for Kana and Vi and Kammie to exist we have to accept this brain-fuckery that means that our high-level superpowers are far more a curse than they ever have been blessings. And if any of us are badly triggered the world goes blue and we literally near-Omega if we don't go full-Omega. A world bathed in blue and filled with the thoughts of people, shifting and dancing but not a good-dance, an Orc-dance of terror and fire.

A world of the Light That Is Evil. And this Bio-Body is experiencing the anxiety/wonk that goes with one of those damned headaches right now is why I started writing this.

>.> Pfeh.....:-(. Emo-shit from me. Woo. *twirls middle finger and snarls.*



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