May. 15th, 2010 06:17 am
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First things first-there's a group of wild rabbits that live in the Bio-Neighborhood. Saw a little baby bunny when walking to get the paper this morning.

Second things second-Foot fail is fully over with.

And the meat of the post-

Malzon called early this morning. She was very worried about me, and told me a lot about Rhiannon-space. It appears one of the reasons Kesheli was banned from there was that she kept up treating Valzon like her property and thereby soured everything with the Other-Heshatanis who have every reason to feel betrayed. Malzon explained that Kesheli feels that she and I are her property because she's Abraxas' consort and she feels it is her right to own us.

And last night, Kanari said something really heart-breaking. She said Kesheli's effectively already turned her into a Thrall, subject to her will. She did this at the start of the relationship and Kanari has a harsher life now but she cannot break free of it. Because even as strong as they are within the Dream, we Old Ones are still within it where Kesheli herself is entirely Without it.

Malzon and I, however, secured our freedom through something unusual: I once knew and very much liked (though not in *that* way, I like girls) a tall red-headed Alfar-Jotnar hybrid who at the time of one of my missions as the Comedienne was engaged in the same mission. We co-operated and it ended. Years later it turns out this person was a completely different Cross-Time version of Ta'eris, who doesn't go by that name and was raised by slightly different Alfar-Jotnar cultures. She was never exiled and is one smooth talker.

She cracked the bonds that Kesheli put on us both but is reluctant as yet to move on things with Kanari. She did say that after five months of this courtesy of Kesheli, simply undoing the mental breaking that Kesheli did to her will not fix anything, as Kana's psyche has been badly affected by this. It does explain why Kanari refuses to leave her. Kanari's in a very bad situation and I learned this from she herself. And from Kesheli treating her as one would a slave and not a wife. And Kanari's eyes watered in sadness and anger but she could do nothing about it.

:-(. Shezarae and Tetresuv have also confirmed this, because Tetresuv hates Kesheli at this point and thinks she's hurting her own kids as badly as she does Kanari.



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