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And that's going to be about 1 PM Central.

In terms of my own health (as opposed to that of this body), my STD treatments should be finishing soon, and I'll be seeing a doctor about the tremors in my hands. The thing with the Time Lord sometimes means that I have days where I wake up and *everything* hurts though Dehinsar said that being screwed around with Chronetically will cause that kind of thing every so often. It's been a very triggery few weeks, but that's been the case for a bit as it is. I've appreciated that Ashari has given both Kana and myself some privacy with our own issues.

She's currently playing with little Ashari and she looks so cute. ^.^ I've got Shezani sleeping on me right now and she looks so peaceful. ^.^ So that's where things are. Am a bit nervous about the foot thing and will have an update on it afterward. This Bio-Body sometimes gets scrapes we don't remember how it gets so alien blood doesn't phase me. What might happen here, though.....*grimaces.* We'll see.....and after I write said update Kammie's turn to Front begins.....

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Going in order of oldest to youngest.

Shezarae is really, really happy right now. Her Mommy Kana had a good birthday, and so did I. She's currently visiting with her Mommy Kana, along with Tetresuv, and the two are delighted to hear their Mommy Kana tell another one of her tales. Kana does very well with that. She's coming out of her shell more and is fully as energetic as Kammie is.

Valzon is his usual happy self, tempered quite a bit by what's been going on lately, but not excessively so. Having Kashori with him makes it easier on him, and he's intensely protective of her. She is his only blood-kin that is in regular interaction with him, the surviving members of the Ri family and I do not yet have any agreements as to that. Probably won't for a while. He's a love of singing.

Merehaza is really, really extroverted and witty. I like watching him interact with people. He's pretty sassy, though Meremi and I ensure sassiness does not become rudeness. He's become quite attached to me. O.o

Kameshi is extroverted, too, and is very much the girliest one in the family. Despite that, when one of the other kids around called Shezzie a mushmouth because of that hardened injury on her face, Kammie got into a rather vicious fight. She takes protecting her siblings very seriously indeed. She's as attached to Meremi as Merehaza has become to me. Mere and I are amused by that.

Vi M and Agati H are both pursuing their types of art quite deeply. I am convinced Agati H may be a seer like Meremi, albeit his would be more sculpting-like, akin to Rachel in other words. Agati H also spends a lot of time with his Gampa.

Kashori is age-slid and is proving to be one of the quiest, most observant children of the family. She's also one of the most clever. A real idealist and optimist. She's a lightly-furred appearance like Valzon and the same six-eyed structure he does.

Tetresuv is Kana's son, and has my roundness of face but an overall appearance quite like that of his great-grandfather, Soroundon H'ven Diatrael. He's shale eyes and is quite athletic himself, with a mastery of words that is on par with that of Valzon and Kashori.

Tekhel....I do not get to see him much. It pains me that I don't. I don't have Kana's courage to argue with deities.

Tharnoir is well cared for by Revvy. She gives him devotion and patience, and gives him regular visits to our house.

Alkhani has colic and is intensely needy. Moreso than the other children. Keeps us up the most, and because she cries a lot, so do the other beh-behs.

Shaltani and Kezhani, by contrast, are extremely well-behaved, even if they are often hungry. They sleep peacefully and often give empathic vibes that can soothe Alkhani. Gods be thanked for that. They've the silver eyes and light silver hair like Susan had before she went evil. And like the Good-Susan does.

Suvacel's two other children by me leave the artificial uteri tomorrow to come here. They are also daughters and I've named one of them Zehani and the other Sheklani.

That's how it is with the children at present. While Tetresuv and Kashori were able to age-slide, I'm still going to be feeding, changing, and caring for Alkhani, Shaltani, Kezhani, Zhehani, and Sheklani. It's going to be a lot, but Gods willing I shall manage it.



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