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It was, I reflected, not something I missed about the uniforms of the Imperial Bizjarran Military that they were so confining. I'd been pregnant quite a few times last year and it mean that I was still a little out of shape, which was somewhat obvious with the actual uniform. The Varkazan-weave, however, moved with my flesh instead of against it. This helped mitigate that. My heart still beat loud enough I could have sworn I heard it.

My wife sensed this and squeezed my hand gently. I looked into her eyes and formed a small smile. Meremi was her usual quiet, sensible self and simply said "You will be fine here, love." My hand moved gently through her silk-smooth fur to grasp her calm, strong fingers in a light grip. Her green-blue eyes looked into my six dark ones and she said "Are you ready?". Listening to her speaking in Gerushunai I responded in Meii "As I ever shall be, love-mine."

And so we said to Uncle Lekandro, who would be caring for the babies while we went elsewhere "We'll be back soon."

So we went into the Hall of the Emperors, where these ceremonies were always held. In dress uniforms, all 40 commanding generals of the 40 Throneworld Armies, including the ones specifically assigned to protect Gazalhuzin now, and the one assigned still to guard Analanin were there. They, too, wore Varkazan-weave uniforms, and they wore the Tan of the Imperial Bizjarran dress uniform where I wore the green-grey of the Restoration Alliance dress uniform.

Standing at ramrod attention was Kanari Xhara Yohanin, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Bizjarran Military. She was dressed in the Supreme Commander's silver-blue uniform, the general officer's shoulder-globes at their most polished. She stood there, and I saw that she looked rather stronger than she had as of late. She spoke in the resounding Imperial Haragor tongue she used so eloquently:

"Lieutenant-Colonel H'vat Agati, stand forth!" and I did. And she came toward me, carrying the Medal of Valor, the one I had won in the painful boredom and peril and horror of the Third Bizjarran Campaign. And she pinned to my ribbon the Medal of Valor, and in the click of it, I heard the closing of the peril of those years, and the marking of the changes since the dawn of the Chaliel Empire. And then she said to her subordinates "At attention!" and my wife came up to me.

And as I put my arm around her waist, feeling the silk-smooth fur and seeing her green-and-black furred face beaming with pride and contentment the 40 generals all came to a salute, as was the procedure. And from there I departed, knowing that in the end sometimes there truly can be changes, even major ones.



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