Apr. 23rd, 2010 02:13 pm
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Being able to actually leave Front for the first day in about seven or so (I wasn't necessarily *in the body* but *you* try being locked in sync with an alien which has to you Blue and Orange morality and see how *you* like it) did wonders for my health. All the trigger-fail of the last week....far less so.

The foot surgery is at 3:30 Central, so I'll be leaving about 3 and when we get back, Shezarae will be in Front for a full Gregorian Week. And Kammie and Mehev and Kana and I will be very studious about *not* being in the Frontspace (except a "night daughter/night sis" and "morning daughter/sis" bit, of course) so.....yeah.

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If one is created by an evil being for an evil end and then ends up becoming a Force for Good, does that make one an anti-demon? Last year I learned the full circumstances of my creation and the reason for why my powers do as they do. I also know that in certain strands of Axhamani mythology the Devil was a being of utmost Good who instead chose malice and cruelty. And I have the same kind of conflict over this reality that the daughter of Angra Mainyu does. Spawn of evil who try to be good.

I may write this kind of thing a *lot* because it's integral to my self-identity so pipe down you whiny-ass Front and chin up. You're a male body and you can deal with it. >.>

I hope that last sentence didn't come across as weird....*embarrassed headrub.*


Edit-Freudian slip. Had society where self-identity should have been. *facepalms.*


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