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It was about the Third Bizjarran Campaign, the one I was one of several dozens of millions of conscripts raised by General Felagund against the Statatavinite General Varzhil, one which was not one of Felagund's better-conducted campaigns. If anything it was more like the Third Battle of Ypres at first, eventually turning into Stalingrad. I got about a third of the way through it and then they showed a few scenes of the actual battle and I got too triggery to finish it. I don't talk about much of what I saw/experienced in the battle. I've tried to do so in my PSTD-therapy for the other things that happened the last two years and the first thing I remember when trying is a flashback and next thing I know I've teleported into my drawing-room and am curled up in a fetal position.

I must admit that General Sherman defined war eloquently when he said "War is cruelty and you cannot refine it." On another level it's why I prefer warriors to soldiers........and if they'd find a natural explanation for all these mass bird and fish deaths soon that would be nice. >.> Crew-Body's on the verge of panic even though the only difference now is people are reporting on the mass fish-deaths. It doesn't help it that Lord H'vorxixnon mentioned the 15th Century in North America again and what happened with the Imperial Fronters in what he terms "the dying times." Da and Asha both believe it's affects of the BP Oil Spill in North America, a fishing trawler whose net was torn in New Zealand, and fireworks in Argentina. It's great they believe that, now if they could get CREWBODY to believe it......



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