Dec. 28th, 2010

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I am one of the more well-known Imperial polytheists among the SHC Fronters and I also am unusual in getting along better with Goddesses than I do Gods (most Crew-Fronters tend either equally well or poorly with both or with Gods). The House of Heshatani also is the most prominent polytheistic family bar the House of Gerigstandgros and the Elves. The House of Chaliel to a greater or lesser extent is made up of monotheists who follow a religion roughly identifiable with Eastern Orthodox Christianity as its closest Earth-analogue. The Silverbergs are the most prominent Jewish family, the Milligan crowd and the Molotov-Aurelius family the most prominent irreligious families. Nestis is the Goddess who is the patron deity of my wife and my marriage, Kali the Goddess to whom we dedicate our fighting, and Sarasvati my personal patron. My wife has as an A-M-131 personal patron Ares, of all the Gods. To me the term patron is both too shallow and too formal at the same time to adequately describe the kind of relationship that my family and I have with the Gods and Goddesses, moreso when the Imperial pantheon is factored in.

I consider the interactions with the Gods to be simultaneously too formal and too emotionally meaningful for the term to apply consistently because to me Patron sounds more an economic term than anything else. The term to me has a connotation of simple, emotionless aspects when that does not apply very well to the deities I interact with. I do not, however, know of a better English term to use WRT to it. The Gods and Goddesses to me are too complicated to be captured very well in tongues of mortals and hence I'm not sure there's any particular word that *would* summarize it up very well.



songsofemelnuvi: Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of learning (Default)

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