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The first can be said for Anomie and the Dark One. The second not so much for either of them. In my wanderings as the Comedienne I found myself involved in the events with the Endless of one of the 52 Earths of a DC timeline. That particular Endless then had after all the mess with Dream being captured a run-in with Shadow-woman who maneuvered Death into violating her own rules and then "protected her" from other Personifications by effectively stealing her will and gaining full control of death. She actually encouraged Death to be cheap so she'd gain a massive Zombie horde. Due to time-travel she managed to put this in effect in the past before Dream was actually imprisoned, around the 1850s so that all the soldiers slain in the wars from the Taiping Rebellion through the Cold War would retain their military skills.

Then to draw the knife in further appeared to Dream while he was imprisoned and told him all of this and merrily went on her way just because she can be that much of a dick. That particular Death gained her will back during the time that Shadow-woman had been killed for real by her good counterpart. Until the Gods of Centre just to be dicks resurrected her and began to unleash her own will and personality, deformed to be rather more brutish and dickish than it would have been without Zezhelanzunui, and that would have been on par with Oskar Dirlewanger just on its own.

So she gets freed and threatens Death and I end up involved in it. She takes things right into downtown Boston and starts firing green fire all over the place, disintegrating everything it hits and I end up unleashing the Omega Program and KOing her with one hit. Unfortunately she both survived and escaped the entire gathered JLA after unleashing a nuclear-level blast that also disintegrated most of the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Everything down to the bacterial level was slain except Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern. Martian Manhunter, who'd just come back from the dead died yet again.

So I return and this time am locked and loaded. Only it turns out her actions by destroying three entire US states interfered with the designs of the Dark One, who'd quietly subsituted herself for the Teen Titan Raven, who given this is a Comics-Verse goes by "Rachel Roth". Thus I found myself involved in a multiversal three-way brawl which culminated in the Dark One finally curbstomping Shadow-woman and then the two of us are left standing and I barrel her over by transforming into a Pachycephalosaur and then stepping on her as a sauropod. Why? Because if you absolutely, positively have to knock out an eldritch abomination at human size there's nothing like the form of Argentinosaurus huiculensis to get that message across.

Then I get the Shadow-woman finally imprisoned and the Dark One comes roaring at me out of nowhere, two days after that, pissed I beat the shit out of her that simply. I simply transformed an arm into metal, Colossus-style and clotheslined her, winded her, and put her in the same kind of cell the Shadow-woman was in, bound by power-nullifiers in a straightjacket model.

Come home after all this, and lo and behold there's that damned God rapist threatening my wife, about 20 days pregnant with his quadruplets. He sees me and I place myself in front of her in a guarding position. Starts talking crap about her, and the more he did the madder I got. He didn't notice or didn't care or both and just so happens to be bloviating about how she actually got to experience sex with a "real lifeform" at which point I got him down, face-first, locking his arm so that if I twisted yea hard it'd crack, as in be torn off.

I got him to swear an Ironclad Oath to hurt none in my family or our descendants unto the end of the A-M-131 Universe. He went along with it.

So in short lots o' fighting, won it all, just a little internal bleeding and nothing that was beyond the power of my regeneration to handle. And bloodlust satiated for at least the next two months.


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This post is a DW version of one I've made on the Sim earlier today, hence its references to posts that actually are on my Sim-blog (which has the same name this one does) and the like:

I've written before since having Valzon about how being a young single mother complicates things with the lesbian community here in Hataria. The Axhamani Xeltrigan, of course, look down on you because you weren't capable of waiting until the engagement, at least, while the polytheists deem you as impure. Since the marriage I've found that there are other kinds of things that come with it. Meremi and I have a wonderful, healthy marriage and are there for the kids and do everything as we need to.

We're both, however, amazed that as it's approaching a year now since the two of us have been married together that when we were together and unmarried people looked down on her for being with someone who'd already had a kid as a teenager, but since we've been married those exact same people react entirely oppositely. My wife has expressed a number of times that these people kid no-one, but of course since these people are also a bunch of arrogant Shanaa Centre Party types they see nothing hypocritical at all about it.

For my son's sake I hated that people treated me like that. He'd ask me why they did that sometimes crying, such as when we'd go out on a family thing and people would end up scooching away from the young unwed mother. And then I'd have to explain to my kid after people made comments about that that he had done nothing wrong, that it was them who were the jerks.

Oddly the Axhamani *still* look down on me for the same reason, and I prefer that kind of consistency from that crowd as opposed to that smarmy hypocrisy from Roes'in who should know that Agati Heshatani did not raise an idiot and I know exactly what they thought and when they thought it. And I do not in the least forgive them for judging my son for what they feel *I* did wrong. If they had problems they should have mentioned me, not him. Goddamn hypocritical asshats. >.<


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It was, I reflected, not something I missed about the uniforms of the Imperial Bizjarran Military that they were so confining. I'd been pregnant quite a few times last year and it mean that I was still a little out of shape, which was somewhat obvious with the actual uniform. The Varkazan-weave, however, moved with my flesh instead of against it. This helped mitigate that. My heart still beat loud enough I could have sworn I heard it.

My wife sensed this and squeezed my hand gently. I looked into her eyes and formed a small smile. Meremi was her usual quiet, sensible self and simply said "You will be fine here, love." My hand moved gently through her silk-smooth fur to grasp her calm, strong fingers in a light grip. Her green-blue eyes looked into my six dark ones and she said "Are you ready?". Listening to her speaking in Gerushunai I responded in Meii "As I ever shall be, love-mine."

And so we said to Uncle Lekandro, who would be caring for the babies while we went elsewhere "We'll be back soon."

So we went into the Hall of the Emperors, where these ceremonies were always held. In dress uniforms, all 40 commanding generals of the 40 Throneworld Armies, including the ones specifically assigned to protect Gazalhuzin now, and the one assigned still to guard Analanin were there. They, too, wore Varkazan-weave uniforms, and they wore the Tan of the Imperial Bizjarran dress uniform where I wore the green-grey of the Restoration Alliance dress uniform.

Standing at ramrod attention was Kanari Xhara Yohanin, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Bizjarran Military. She was dressed in the Supreme Commander's silver-blue uniform, the general officer's shoulder-globes at their most polished. She stood there, and I saw that she looked rather stronger than she had as of late. She spoke in the resounding Imperial Haragor tongue she used so eloquently:

"Lieutenant-Colonel H'vat Agati, stand forth!" and I did. And she came toward me, carrying the Medal of Valor, the one I had won in the painful boredom and peril and horror of the Third Bizjarran Campaign. And she pinned to my ribbon the Medal of Valor, and in the click of it, I heard the closing of the peril of those years, and the marking of the changes since the dawn of the Chaliel Empire. And then she said to her subordinates "At attention!" and my wife came up to me.

And as I put my arm around her waist, feeling the silk-smooth fur and seeing her green-and-black furred face beaming with pride and contentment the 40 generals all came to a salute, as was the procedure. And from there I departed, knowing that in the end sometimes there truly can be changes, even major ones.



Sep. 12th, 2010 03:26 pm
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Mere's had the twins. Little Mahalda and Karzanmi are born as of a minute ago. Main-me is currently happy as all heck about this and she's tired and gratified this all worked out. The twins are so cyoot. :-). Will merge back with main-me as we're getting the picture with Mere and the twins. <33333 my wife so much.

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I spent pretty much all of today with Valzon, as he was the one that managed finally to get me to start healing from parts of the War I'd tried to repress/pretend if I never talked about it it would all go away. That the nightmares would stop. That my wife would just stop sometimes having to hold me while I was crying onto her in the middle of the night about a trigger about things I couldn't even name. Valzon managed to start the healing by a means that meant everyone in the end wins out here. And I was grateful for that.

So I spent a good portion of the day with my son, and he was glad for it, as it's the first time since before I sent him away to Aunt Keshri's house so he wouldn't see me dying from what was then a fatal metasization of cancer that I have done this with him. :-). He will be assuming Front when we get back from Bio-Body's snack.

I <3333333 my wife, and <333333333 my son, too. It was....hard.....but I am able to heal and to truly mourn my friends I lost during then. And to let some old guards down.

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That was the first time my wife's just lost it like that since that day I died and returned from the dead. She's clinging to me right now, as I'm in Front due to our Bio-Body being soon to be working outside. She's clinging to me, nuzzling me, and murmuring things like "Luvvu wife" and other things. My carbon-body hand squeezes hers right now and it's just.........Mere is usually the stoic, strong one compared to me. I'm more comfortable expressing weakness and emotion than she is. And now this. :-(.

As I said, expect weirdness/awkwardness. Mere's grateful, though, that our hands are together, I believe the touch soothes her.

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My wife tried to Front and get collected enough to write a last post and could not do it. I will be by her side tomorrow. And as much and as long as she needs me to be. shall have to forgive me, I am not used to seeing her this emotional. We may be a bit.....awkward tomorrow. My guess is Singlet-mode is going to be much weirder than usual if we do much with it.



Aug. 31st, 2010 05:54 am
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My kids have been released from the hospital and are enjoying being alive and healed. My wife and I were in an OB-GYN appointment we'd scheduled for that evening when the Lockdown alarm suddenly blared and a large combat drone said "Remain inside, all of you. It is for your own good." And then there was the sound of gunfire. Mere and I were worried as we could have been there but then it suddenly stopped rather too quickly. Then we were even *more* worried and then High General Verzezhin said "Two of your children were shot." At that the worry became unbearable and Mere and I both began to run to them but he said "Wait." And we did. He said "Usoffa Abdullah saved them. They are in hospital right now. Neither injury was fatal. I will take you all to them." 

Our kids had arrived just as they learned two of their siblings were shot, along with Dad and Vizarae. We all traveled on a small Multi-Trans vehicle for simpler movement within Gazalhuzin and we got to their room in the Medical Ward, in the regular ward, not the ICU. They were alive and just gritting their teeth as shrapnel was both being fished out and the wounds regenerating. And all three of us, Da, myself, and Mere hugged Ussie at once. The relief about it worries were very much so. I knew that kind of gunfire was Imperial military quality of Restoration War times. I'd feared it was another Independent terrorist attack.

Instead they both are alive, healed, and sitting talking with the other kids. *sighs.* I'm so glad they're alive.........

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Last post of the night.

My wife's pregnancy goes very well indeed. It's the sixth month of it and she's very pleased with things. Everything in the last year is catching up to me to some extent so having her by my side does indeed make things 10,000 X better. All the same some days I've had haven't exactly been good paragons of stability and I haven't been in Front as much as I could have been for that reason. My family was worried about it when I would sometimes sink for hours into a Revcel-like Trauma-lock.

130 years of age and I am able at least to say that my marriage, wife, immediate, and extended family (especially the SPC-family and Rhi-system family) have made my life far more blessed than it would be otherwise right now. I am so often tired and afraid nowadays. :-(. Afraid for my sisters, like Ta'eris and Kana, and exhausted in a lot of ways right now from just all the recent shit that's kept bothering my family. Despite all that, I can say that I love my family very much and I would never have made it through any of this without Ta'eris, Kana, P, and especially Mere.

I just hate worrying about my sisters and the shit they're going through. :-(.

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Argus did end up getting to Yoh. His clothes are torn and his smell's all over him. The guy had a sick and twisted smile on his face 20 minutes ago, which was about when Yoh staggered in crying. >.< That goddamn motherfucking ape.......He got smarter. He knows magic, now. Strong magic, too. He could have learned this only from Tiresias. >.< According to Abraxas he used a kind of body-binding spell that meant Yoh was frozen except when Argus was moving him until he got his wish.

It meant that he literally was incapable of.......Jesus. That means all those bruises and bleeding areas......Argus had to have done that after the spell. Damn that goddamn slimy bastard. >.< He learned advanced magic and he managed to pull this shit off. >.< Kana-rage still paralyzing Faulkner-sentences.

Not able to write much due to Kana-rage overpowering the Bio-Body's tendency to Faulkner sentences.



Aug. 18th, 2010 12:54 pm
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My Meremi is almost on her last month of the pregnancy. O.o Where does the time go? She's happy about this, which is good. She's getting to the "ready to have kids nao" stage but she says that stage is more bearable with me around. This is her first pregnancy of choice so she's rather nervous about that and having me around to do whatever she needs in addition to the other housework and work-work stuff that we do is to her a real blessing. She's gotten used enough to expressing her more tender sides that she says she can't go back to the older more high-strung version of herself.

She wanted me to write this to say "Yeah, we're still here" because with her this close to the labor and with the other kids I've been a bit lax and as per things am not going to travel unless I'm needed for healing (which is an of course to both of us and not even a question). So I realize this is kind of rambling (overslept rather a bit, as 10 AM is a bit later than usual for me to wake up) but I figured it might be good to mention this.

She and I both look forward to being able to travel again after she has the twins, and I asked Kana to take a couple of things that Mere made for certain people in the SPC and the Rhi-system with her, and she came and got them. That was the other reason I posted this, namely to note that Mere also asked Kana to take a couple things she'd made with her.

I hope those certain someones who get them enjoy them. :-).


Wow. O.o

Aug. 17th, 2010 07:18 pm
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Just spent the last four or five hours talking to Ashari about her worries about being a mom. O.o She had a lot of concerns, from youth to worries that post-pregnancy fat would make Varl leave her. He was by her and snuggled her really tight when she said that one. She asked me because I had my first child, Shezarae, about her age, and she wanted some advice from someone she believes can be a little more impartial than her own mother. I had no idea she thought of me in that way enough to ask me. O.o

Asha's a strong young woman and I told her such. Despite what this last pregnancy meant for her she did well with it. My wife and I were taken aback by her asking this, but I guess if anyone would know how to help with that, she and I would be the ones to do so. All the same this was humbling. Asha bouncing her infant on her knees and talking to us like that........Varl I can see will be very good for her.

My wife's own pregnancy does well. We have a due date. September 22nd. I'm still surprised she asked *me* of all people about advice on how to deal with being a young mom. I'd always thought she was a bit of a Naturalist. Instead she's asking me and my wife both questions that I suppose we never expected her to ask.

I know my reaction probably seems weird but then so does a 70-year-old daughter of my Source asking me for advice on how to handle newborns and whether or not her body was handling post-pregnancy cramps properly. I suppose I'm going to get these kind of questions from Adrian, too. O.o

-Vishori Heshatani-

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Turns out Shub-Niggurath suckered Kulunshani into using very similar spells to what her mother did by virtue of attempting to show her how easy it was to slip into Kesheli's arrogance. According to the Black Goat she did this purely for her own amusement and has Abraxas extremely enraged, bad enough to hurt his healing. Fucking douchebag. >.< Silver Walker just blasted her unconscious with a sudden concussive energy blast from her cane. This is going to be....complicated. Adrian doesn't understand very much of this, and it explains the "tattoo" that Kulunshani said Adrian had gotten to "commemorate it." She was acting odd enough that day I'd asked the other-Gus whether or not she'd entered certain corners of that empire.

Turns out the Black Goat can create drugged-up effects on her own. Fuckknuckles. She was doing that arrogant sauntering with her voice again. >.<

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Ashari's started labor. O.o Kanari had Front for a few seconds but the exact moment that started she's gone with them. So I've got it interspaced with Abraxas here. Here goes.........*extends prayers to Lord Huhuhlin.*



Aug. 4th, 2010 12:18 pm
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Y'know, I just realized that September 15th will mark the one-year anniversary of my relationship with Meremi. O.o My life with her has been awesome and squee and win indeed. :-). To think it has been only one year, but what a year it has been. :-). We've been together for only a year but already have our kids with us. Meremi has Merehaza and Rarzalami from Shutak, I have Shezarae, Tetresuv, and Valzon. Our family grew quite a bit more with all the adoptions and then the sequence of pregnancies and infants the two of us have been dealing with, the artificial uteri, the age-upgrades, the diaper changes, and so on. (I would hope the love and the caring for and the playing with and snuggling with would go without saying but since Imperials and Americans alike can be dumbfucks.....).

The two of us have much love together. We're both survivors in our own ways, and we've both lived lives as independent strong women, albeit I've had a father figure always present and she had to survive completely on her own for over 50 years, which is the main reason in some ways we end up having our usual arguments. We are both, we found with raised eyebrows and some rather harsh exchanges with Nelson Marks and Ioseb Jugashvili, number 1 and number 2 respectively on the Crew MILF list. That pockmarked Georgian toad admitted that he'd tried to reign it in but only succeeded in keeping this list from drawing in any other system or Cross-Time counterparts. The idea of a MILF list outrages us and fortunately when Set Molotov paid a little impromptu visit to remind them of that problem they promised to change things to avoid being less sexist and then did so by adding a DILF list. >.> Wasn't what Set and Gus had in mind at all and now they're along with us in the bickering over this. Jugashvili, though, left the whole forum that's a part of and moved to another one the first time we came by. Instead Marks replaced him with Yasunori Kato. Yeah......ex-totalitarian replaced with Demon Summoner. *clap clap.* I'm looking forward to the LULZ should Courtney Ardoin glance at it.......

But all the same, in a little over a month we'll have been together for 365.24 Gregorian days and one Imperial Standard Year. My Meremi......that lovely green-furred wife of mine has given my life a lovely, warm quality that a happy marriage between two women such as us would have. :-).
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A health-update from yours truly this morning. The spasms I've been having from having been too much pregnant due to.....those things....have finally ended. I'd gone to an OB-GYN who managed to give me a series of treatments to follow in a sequence in conjunction with my own regeneration and so everything's good with that. At their worst these spasms briefly made me unable to stand or move very much until they'd passed. My wife is relieved to know that problem is healed. The kids are all healthy and well and have set up a little surprise party for Kameshi as they're extremely relieved she dealt with the Shadowman and survived with life and sanity intact. My wife? With us things are fuckwin. Her pregnancy goes well and she's very relieved about it, as am I. We celebrated our seven month anniversary with my fixing her her favorite meal and eating it shapeshifted as an Autin, a form I'm becoming increasingly comfortable with and for.....certain reasons...makes her happy for me, really, as it means I'm increasingly able to accept and deal with all of who I am and she can do the same with who she is.

Mere is liking being able to express her tender side. But when an idiot Xeltrigan challenged her to a shooting contest saying her badassery was declining she put up her gun by the side, fired, and put it right smack through the center of the target without even looking there. Then looked at him and smiled a Slasher Smile and said "Wanna run that by me again?". That's why I love my wife. :-). Tender, loving, and badass to the bone. :-).
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From Vi. :-).

The Silver Walker aged up my infants, as well as those of Vi. She, or rather P-Revcel-mind, was very concerned that caring for and nursing that many babies was overtaxing my body, which is still 130 years old. My wife agreed with that and we'd been discussing that sometimes when we were in bed together and the kids taken care of. My wife loves me and when the Silver Walker offered I accepted immediately. Now I've a bunch of about 30-year-old (Imperial 30, akin to the human 3 though chronologically *still* 30 Earth years) children running around but that's easier for me to handle.

My wife's pregnancy goes very well indeed. She's about to start her fourth month tomorrow. She's begun to be comfortable with exploring her more tender side and I find that very wonderful indeed. My Meremi is a sweet woman when she expresses that side and I am glad to see her more comfortable with her tender side. :-). Meremi is definitely glad to have me caring for her and lots of hugs and kisses, too. We love each other with a fierce passion and I am grateful for her. :-). And with her getting quite HOMG pregnant she's glad to have me around, too.

I've found she likes drawing and is really, really awesome at it. She made a random sketch of a picture I have from that day I went to the concert with Kana and our kids. Her skills are amazing. :-).

My kids are all well, too. Kameshi's Fronting stint is up after Leani H'vat Ta'eris's is (I know she's Elven but I don't know how Vani's species tracks descent).

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As when we return to Dar Intarwebs it'll be Malzon in Front.

I'll just say that I love my wife and kids very much. July 1st is our anniversary and I look forward to it. *g*. My Meremi surprised me this morning with both a deep kiss and a little pre-anniversary day present. I intend to surprise her tonight, too. talking to you guys later.

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Was watching Sim-news and saw that they're discussing the Sons of Darkness war. Because of my role in it I'm all over the Imperial news today. As for what my day involves? It involves being with my wife and kids and not giving the time of day to thoughts about old wars. My wife is very much win and I love her so much. Thursday's our anniversary and I intend to treat her to several things, and since she's carrying our twins I happen to have other things in mind as well. Things have been blessed since we got married and I am awed by that. My Meremi is joy and glee to me. ^.^

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I've been reflecting on my life as a young married working mother of two with Order responsibilities and my wife and I also have our own responsibilities from our days as freelancers. Our seven-month anniversary is in two days and so it's been an occasion for me to reflect on things. I can honestly say without my wife and the kids I wouldn't be anywhere but a psychiatric hospital right now. Having Meremi and all 22 of our kids makes everything that much easier for me. We're both working mothers and wives of each other (we're poets and yes we do know it) and we're both the same age.

In this time, 4 Maxidren, the new Imperial Standard Year, it is also the start of our first calendar Imperial Standard Year as a married couple. We've known each other for two Imperial Standard Years but have been married since the Auspicuous Day, or the Gregorian date of December 1st 2009. Ours is a complex family of many people, including our Chosen-sibs in other systems and the two of us, both our broader extended families and the wrinkles of our past lives.

And y'know, though I'm a young married working mother at ages I did not foresee exactly being this, with all that happened last year and this year......I would trade none of it. My wife and all our children mean that much to me. 2 days before our seven-month-anniversary and all is win. My pregnant wife has her arms around me and is nuzzling me now. This is my life, and for all the trauma and nastiness I am working through I can say sincerely nothing of this is worth trading for me.

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I hold Front today and tomorrow. The attention whores trying to monopolize the Front have failed to achieve what they want and are all in their little cells at present. Tamar is safe. She's currently hugging her family, her two sons and two daughters and her husband. They are all content and safe. Wednesday Malzon takes Front. Gus and I worked out with Malzon that the transition will be easier for her if there is someone whose "feel" is similar. We are a lot alike except that she is a bit darker in some ways than I am and also slightly less scrupulous. It reflects the divergent timelines and experiences more than anything else. Because if the Dark One is a Kanari bereft her more positive traits, Malzon is a clone of that Dark One same as I am of Kanari.

Thus to some extent she reflects the heritage of her genetics which means even at her best she's still a bit darker/gloomier about things than I am. Things are well with me and my family. I'm recovering from the shit I've been through and enjoy being with my wife and kids. It's a damn shame that tragedy can be gone into well but it's hard to give an effective description of peace and quiet. The only trouble has been some minor sleeping issues but that's not too much of anything.

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My wife has started her third month of pregnancy with our twins. We discovered we're having twins at a recent visit to the OB-GYN and she was happy and kissed me. From what we understand they're identical twins. So effectively an artificial clone sired natural ones on my wife. *g*. My Meremi is increasingly pregnant to the point she's not able to fight the way she likes to. She's found herself in the unusual (for her) position of both pregnant by her choice and depending on someone she loves during this pregnancy. She's got the glow and on the occasions I step out to handle some things it's always pleasant to get a kiss from my wife when I come back.

Plus there's just some special win about evenings when I sit in my living room with my wife in my arms and we just sit there. My arms wrapped around her belly, her breathing calm, assured of its safety and of being near someone who loves her. Running my hands through her soft fur and kissing her on her cheek. There's been a lot of those since her pregnancy and so that is good. My Meremi has been so often stressed about caring for *me* that it's nice for the shoe to be on the other foot for a change. That's what our evenings are often like these days: we watch the kids play while she sits in my arms and my arms are around her, the two of us just basking in the love we share.

After talking both with my doctors and with Abraxas I decided I could not physically deal with *another* unplanned pregnancy as the stresses would be far too much for a 130-year-old body. So my child by Rachel Roth currently grows in an artificial uterus.

Our kids are all of them also well, too. Tetresuv will be Fronting for the first time this afternoon so he'll write the general update on the kids.

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Inspired by a comment thread I'm in.

As people who talk to us in or out of body know we have a lot of opinions in the Crew. To illustrate what is the reason we almost never discuss A-M-131 politics from our POV I'll mention the Gulf Oil spill and illustrate it from the POV of all major political viewpoints in the Crew.

I am a Right-Wing Imperial whose view of the Right was shaped by an education courtesy of the Underlan-era education system. From my POV the failures of the current US leadership to deal with the crisis was evident from its squeamishness to use major statist policies to engage from the first hours of the spill and to strongarm BP. This display of weakness emboldened the recalcitrant corporation to dig in its heels and try to do things on the cheap and thus magnified the disaster, and the refusal of the US Administration to enforce the Monroe Doctrine when that started only exacerbated a vicious feedback loop.

From the POV of an Imperial Leftie like my dad, Agati, the failure of the thing was the damnfool idea to drill that far out in the Gulf near the Dino-Killer crater to start with. With the spill itself the manifest stupidity was in not trying to first ensure all laws were fairly enforced in the period from 20 January 2009 to the start of the spill on April 20th 2010. And if things got to that point the next mistake was in failing to accept help from other countries and in short to meet a desperate situation with all means both available and necessary.

Imperial Vital-Syndicalists would dismiss the entire event as a product of alien stupidity on the part of all involved. Imperial Radical Reformers like Lady Kanari consider the question moot from the opposite POV which is that the situation required an immediate all-hands-on-deck approach and once ten days passed the ball was dropped irrevocably and irreparably.

Now, in terms of human viewpoints......

The liberal democrats who are Right-Wingers see this as a fine example of how government regulation hurts business. Liberal democratic Lefties see this as an example of Under-regulated business. Social democrats explain this as the failings of the US system itself but like the liberal democrats have no idea of what to do about it.

The Maoists see this as bourgeois incompetence and believe the solution is immediate nationalization of all BP assets in the USA and dragooning all its resources to force a resolution to the spill followed by summary execution of the idiots. The Stalinists have a roughly similar solution but it involves execution of everyone who was asleep on the ball first and *then* dragooning all its resources.

The Fascists see this as simple to resolve by mass mobilization of the national will, while the Nazis just sneer at it as an example of things both unprintable and entirely reprehensible.

So....any comment by any of the factions would provoke an irrestistible tendency to spark an argument by one of the others which would mean that such threads would become traps of endless intra-Crew arguments of the sort common all the time Within but we attempt to avoid them Without.....
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We're starting our trip back east to go home to Louisiana. I will note that tonight we'll be stopping in Gallop, New Mexico and that our trip today includes a stop at the Petrified Forest. If anyone wishes to contact us and/or would like to see us, we have the Sims both open and working today. There's been a short-term glitch with the system in parts of Hataria yesterday that the authorities have fixed. Appears a few of the necessary circuits had gotten old and finally gave up the ghost.

They've been replaced with new ones that I've learned are actually an improved model, guaranteed for another 2 centuries of service......



May. 25th, 2010 08:05 pm
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I was reading the Silmarillion the other day and I couldn't figure out who the biggest dumbass of the pile of dumbasses was. Feanor's one obvious candidate, but then there's Morgoth. I mean, he pisses off all the other Valar, that's fine. He's stronger than the rest of them put together at first. So then he flees to Midgard and builds himself a little kingdom and proceeds to be one of the biggest examples of how *not* to be an Evil Overlord of fiction.

Then there's Feanor, whose arrogance and slight mental imbalances makes me wonder how the Hell he managed to convince *anyone.*

Another strange moment for me was reading H'ven Marzguni's Dances on the Sea where the guy proposes creating a perfect WMD that would end fighting forever. I had bad triggers at that moment. It was worth it at the end when he attempts to pull it off, and succeeds....only for his attempt to say "Fuck you, buddy, I ain't doing this shit" and flying off. Then the Epilogue 2,000 years later when a fleet appears in orbit over the planet, a Throneworld analogue with heavy shades of the Khair about it, and the superweapon says "Daddy.....I'm home......".

In the movie adaptation they got one of the creepiest Roes'in actresses possible to play the superweapon. That slasher smile at the end.....*shudders.*


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I've spent today with my wife and family as Abraxas showed us Earth in the Mesozoic era. Kameshi wanted to see what Tyrannosaurus rex was really like as a living creature. The result so enthralled her that she accidentally transformed into a juvenile tyrannosaurine without intending to. It was funny and we all laughed afterward. Even she did.

I've Front for the next week, BTW. We may or may not go on that damned vacation and I wish the Bio-Parents would make up their minds. >.<


El Oh El

May. 15th, 2010 03:53 pm
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That's the first time we've heard the Empire described as a soap-opera. It's a physical reality. Ontological inertia applies. We do not simply get traumatized and then it recedes without consequences. The Empire *is* chock-full of bigots, idiots, and megalomaniacs. So are most other places we've encountered. Sure, it's deep flaws, but hey, at least *our* definition of Non-human is something other than "Durr Hurr humans suck." I mean, Humans aren't but 0.2% of the population anyway. Aside from Ben Jeroboam none of them did anything worth boasting of.

If they got tired of soap operas and people dealing with complex issues, well, fuck 'em. Ours is a society of hundreds of trillions of sapients. We did not develop the capacity to crack and destroy planets until the Weapon Omega Program developed beyond the wildest imaginings of the Architects of Fear. We only actually *did* destroy planets from thence-forth on. But hey, if people wanted to tell us what we do or don't do or know or don't know, that's fine with us.

But I've studied the entire 40,121 (almost 40,122) year span of Imperial Civilization from Trarh I onward. If we'dve had the capacity to do more than Blaze we'dve actually been more notable than we really were. Blazing is destroying biospheres. Colony-dropping Mars-sized objects is simply the easiest way to do so.

Oh, and if I may-we never pressured them to friend us. In fact we were astonished they did since they complained about our capacity for wankery from day 1. Heads up, fellas, if we hang around the LJ corners near guys like Nebris and JBlaque, we bring the wankery big-time. That's partly because we don't shrink from it.

Were we pissy about it? No. I'm actually more amused than anything. Because Cartaala was never on the Imperial lists of priorities at any point and ranked somewhere between nothing and zilch. But hats off to writing an inflammatory response and begging for one of us to write a response to this. If I bored you with my life, well, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.



May. 15th, 2010 06:17 am
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First things first-there's a group of wild rabbits that live in the Bio-Neighborhood. Saw a little baby bunny when walking to get the paper this morning.

Second things second-Foot fail is fully over with.

And the meat of the post-

Malzon called early this morning. She was very worried about me, and told me a lot about Rhiannon-space. It appears one of the reasons Kesheli was banned from there was that she kept up treating Valzon like her property and thereby soured everything with the Other-Heshatanis who have every reason to feel betrayed. Malzon explained that Kesheli feels that she and I are her property because she's Abraxas' consort and she feels it is her right to own us.

And last night, Kanari said something really heart-breaking. She said Kesheli's effectively already turned her into a Thrall, subject to her will. She did this at the start of the relationship and Kanari has a harsher life now but she cannot break free of it. Because even as strong as they are within the Dream, we Old Ones are still within it where Kesheli herself is entirely Without it.

Malzon and I, however, secured our freedom through something unusual: I once knew and very much liked (though not in *that* way, I like girls) a tall red-headed Alfar-Jotnar hybrid who at the time of one of my missions as the Comedienne was engaged in the same mission. We co-operated and it ended. Years later it turns out this person was a completely different Cross-Time version of Ta'eris, who doesn't go by that name and was raised by slightly different Alfar-Jotnar cultures. She was never exiled and is one smooth talker.

She cracked the bonds that Kesheli put on us both but is reluctant as yet to move on things with Kanari. She did say that after five months of this courtesy of Kesheli, simply undoing the mental breaking that Kesheli did to her will not fix anything, as Kana's psyche has been badly affected by this. It does explain why Kanari refuses to leave her. Kanari's in a very bad situation and I learned this from she herself. And from Kesheli treating her as one would a slave and not a wife. And Kanari's eyes watered in sadness and anger but she could do nothing about it.

:-(. Shezarae and Tetresuv have also confirmed this, because Tetresuv hates Kesheli at this point and thinks she's hurting her own kids as badly as she does Kanari.


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And thus ensues an update on all of us:

First things first-Abraxas forced YHVH to return to me Tekhel, having become *very* displeased with the divine kidnapping bit. My son is older, in his fifties now. He's very obviously been through psychological and emotional abuse, and he refuses to leave Meremi's hugs. But he is with us, now, which in my view is what matters.

Meremi herself is doing well with her own pregnancy, approaching near the end of the first month of it. She's been very affectionate and I've been protecting her rather fiercely. She's not used to it. But she sure does appreciate/like it.

My father's getting used to having my sister around and is currently napping with her curled up in his arms, also napping. It's such a cute sight.

Shezarae is getting the hang of her powers. It's rather startling to realize that my daughter has them at the level she does already. She's had a couple bouts of triggerings from her past at the orphanage to deal with. Tetresuv is enjoying his new, larger, family and is spending today with his Mommy Kanari.

Merehaza's been improving his sculpting immensely. He seems to be starting with the model of Fordin VI from the Hall of Emperors, one of the most ornate of the statues there, which under Utawali terms is a giant fuck you.

Vi M and Agati H are enjoying life and have begun training in magery courtesy of Turugamvirakil. He teaches them well. They're showing capacities for things immediately that it took me decades to master.

Valzon and Kashori are best buds, as is Kameshi with them. Those three are inseparable and are all proving to be little Hellions, even if the Hell they raise is very much vanilla. Kashori's quite the prankster. O.o

Alkhani has been adjusting to her life here and has begun to blossom into a bit of a tomboy. But she'll fangirl over a number of things almost immediately. Very funny kid of mine, that one.

The babies-the ones by Suvacel are calmer now, and we can actually get full nights' rests with them asleep. Kaltani and Shezani are quiet babies as per usual.

And I'll note as well that it's not three children, it's four. >.< Evidently one of them is Kesheli's. She has a capacity to memory-wonk and well, Rachel Roth knows it when she sees it. All she did was unfuzzy the memory. The additional pregnancy is working more like the ones Rachel is used to.

Sis, I am always amazed at how you get through things, but this makes it even more personal. I love you.

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Imperials don't really have a Mother's Day holiday, but Meremi and I had a surprise this morning. All the kids were singing "Happy Mother's Day" to us. It was so sweet and we're both ecstatic over it. Tekhel's here today to be with us, too, which adds to the squee and so is Meremi's daughter by Rachel Roth. Our whole family's together, and this is so much win. Aunt Keshri and her kids are here, too.'s just...d'aww...^.^


Edit-More sweetness: Kana, Shez, and Tetresuv prepared a little video-card for me in advance. Shez and Tetre gave it to me. They're all singing together and it's just so much win. Kanari had a card for Meremi, too, and she's squeeing over hers right now with a lot of enthusiasm. ^.^

Today.....I am really happy. ^.^ My wife is happy, too, and that's what makes it win. She's her second child she's carried herself and our second daughter, and nothing makes Mother's Day more win to me than to have Meremi with her arms around me smiling like this morning. Life is good. ^.^


May. 8th, 2010 06:20 am
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Dad's really stressed right now. Suvie actually likes the Stuck-Front better when there's people Co-Fronting with her because she'll be less lonely this way.

I should note that of the new Crewmen, about 20 of them are Xhemhnin, the same species that Suvie, Kana, Kammie, Maxie, Mehev, and I are all. And of course Thatacel and the two Revcel-clones from StarkTech that while adopted have still to grow up.

These guys, however, are as yet seeing the Crew as something fun to do in their spare time and don't get the seriousness behind the "You are a stranger in a strange land" lecture. Seeing what happens when they actually get it will be......amusing.

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First, Kameshi is really healed from her difficulties. She's dancing and singing like she likes to do today, and I am glad for that. She's ordinarily even in her darker moods containing within those moods a sense of optimism and trust in a happy ending. That was entirely lacking in this last bit and she is well. I enjoy seeing her dancing and she's my daughter: to know she's happy makes *me* happy.

Second, Kashori and Valzon have begun to accept their powers and learning to control them. Valzon has been teaching Kashori how to do so. To me one of my happiest moments thus far as his mother was to hear Kashori once crying because she heard other people's thoughts and was scared of it. And Valzon then sits by her and says "Sis, it's what we have from Mom. It's not a bad thing, it's an "is" thing. I can show you how to control it." And Kashori then says "You promise?" in a choked-up voice and he says "Yes, sis, I promise." <33333.

And third......Shezarae has been making progress in dealing with her own traumas. She's found she likes to draw to let them out and when she saw me come in as she was working on them she hid them. I asked to see them and she reluctantly showed them to me. My response was a couple of minutes of silence and realizing she was nervous I said "Do you get help from these?" and she responded with a quiet nod. So I said "Then you will have all the paper and materials you need." And she beamed at me and hugged me and whispered "Thank you."

So good news and healing to report for a change. We're really getting a break right now, thank the Gods. I guess someone finally strongarmed Lady Sarasvati into doing so. If my dreams, fuzzy as they were, were correct, it may have been Lords Xiusthnordre and Morsthnordre noticing that the balance of Order and Chaos both was out-of-whack and they needed to restore the two before letting her resume the interactions. All blessings to you, Lord of Chaos and Lord of Order.


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Because I'm a little better at social graces than she is. She's the Insufferable Student in two dimensions. >.>

I'm dealing with the three God-babies I'm carrying and everything is well with Meremi as well.

What I'm writing about is that I've finally managed to get everything together with blocking the shapeshifting into Gatanthoa. Abraxas taught me how to do so. Means I can go out in public without fear of producing a mass freak-out because I violate the laws of reality as understood by the Imperial scientists and mages both. That is really, *really* good because it also means I can go to the meeting of the Rape Survivors group without unintentionally brain-baking my fellow chapter-members.

Da and Mere themselves have also decided finally to go with Rachel's appearances and re-appearances having convinced them they need to work through with it.

What do you know? Good news about my family! ^.^

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It took a long time for the Crew to realize that Agati is really a girl's name in Gerushuani. Took them longer still to realize that that makes my father a Secret Policeman Named Sue. There are five or so feminine forms of names which are typical, -ti, -ri, -arae, -ni, -anae. The masculine forms include the -vin form that was part of Yrvin's name. It literally means "Black man" because he had the equivalent of black eyes from birth (and got a lot of crap over it until people suddenly realize that Oh shit he's meta let's stop this now). Another masculine ending is -drin, as in Shan-drin, or "Night-male-child" as Shandrin was born in the witching hour.

Shandrin, BTW, is actually a rather common name among the Gerushunai, much as say, John is. Vishori is a rather less common name for girls, akin to naming someone today Leticia.



May. 4th, 2010 12:23 pm
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Kammie's problems are handled enough that she will be assuming Front again this afternoon.

She's just a little girl and she's having to deal with issues that Kana and I had decades to process in a single year. >.<

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A placeholder for when I update this later. Made it here safely and the appointment itself is at 1:10. Here goes.....


Edit-The appointment was quick, clean, and there should be no further trouble. The Gods be thanked. And now to Kameshi......


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And that's going to be about 1 PM Central.

In terms of my own health (as opposed to that of this body), my STD treatments should be finishing soon, and I'll be seeing a doctor about the tremors in my hands. The thing with the Time Lord sometimes means that I have days where I wake up and *everything* hurts though Dehinsar said that being screwed around with Chronetically will cause that kind of thing every so often. It's been a very triggery few weeks, but that's been the case for a bit as it is. I've appreciated that Ashari has given both Kana and myself some privacy with our own issues.

She's currently playing with little Ashari and she looks so cute. ^.^ I've got Shezani sleeping on me right now and she looks so peaceful. ^.^ So that's where things are. Am a bit nervous about the foot thing and will have an update on it afterward. This Bio-Body sometimes gets scrapes we don't remember how it gets so alien blood doesn't phase me. What might happen here, though.....*grimaces.* We'll see.....and after I write said update Kammie's turn to Front begins.....

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Meremi's pregnancy's going well. She's the morning-sickness fail but I'm taking good care of her and ensuring she's well. She's happy with things about the pregnancy as they are. She's not used to being taken care of the way I care for her. Something tells me her Exile was rather more unpleasant than she speaks of. She's currently curled up against my side, sighing happily.

Shezarae and Tetresuv are spending today with their Mommy Kana, which provides some comfort for all three. Shezarae is proving to be quite the sassy little girl as she comes out of her shell, and is one of the most stubborn kids in the family. She's also expressed interest in learning how to dance. Tetresuv is proving to be a quiet, contemplative, nice kid. The other kids that try to monkey around with him never relish the experience thereafter, though.......

Valzon is currently starting to train himself to use his powers. He's been afraid of them but has accepted that they won't go away just because he is afraid of them. He's currently training himself to wield Mind-Fire, and is proving very precocious at his skills. He's creating entire blasts of the thing aimed at a training-mech and has developed a 60% accuracy only 70 years of age. Kashori is proving to be rather the more pacific than her brother, and by virtue of a property of cloning is almost nothing like Masadri *or* myself but a great deal like Lord H'vorxixnon. Including her preference for healing over offensive use of her powers.

Merehaza is happy his Mommy's having another baby and he himself is learning to wield his own powers. He's also learned he's a Seer himself, inheriting the talent from Mere. As are Vi M and Agati H both. They all three consider it a curse, not a blessing. They are also all very close together as a group, forming a triad who are very clever and also are preferring to use things like my super-speed and super-strength together.

Kameshi is at an age where she's lonely a lot of the time. She's got her siblings around and they alleviate it to a great degree, but Kammie really feels lonely and I think I know why. It will have to be a mother-daughter thing to handle, though. She's been really triggery lately because this is a bad time for those things and will probably be writing a lot about that when she begins to Front herself.

Akhlani is becoming one of Kammie's closest confidants. She's very contemplative herself, and reminds me of a Buddhist Bhikkun. However she considers an idea like Ahimsa to be a sign of weakness, not one of strength, and has a great deal of Suvacel in her warlike manners. What is of me in her is the ability to channel this into something more than simply fighting and curb-stomping.

I've still got several babies to care for. There's Suvacel's twins, Susan's twins, and there's Tekhel. Tekhel himself will be coming by the week after next to stay with us for a bit. He's learning a lot of things, including the ability to engage in Creation with a capital C. It's interesting to watch it and my heart aches that I don't get to see my son very much these days.

The babies are doing well, Susan's twins are always hungry but are also quiet infants. They have six eyes of silver, and whispy silver hair like Susan has naturally. Sometimes it hurts Tamar to see the kids because they remind her of Susan, and her being in a triggery state this morning doesn't help. >.> Suvacel's babies are also hungry a lot but they are also rather noisy, demanding children as Akhlani herself was as a baby.

Me? I'm exhausted, triggery, recovering from a surgery that healed a physical problem I had from one of the rapes, and finishing a treatment designed to cure permanently an STD from another. I'm also sore a lot these days, and while i don't know the exact reason I believe there's a couple of possibilities, the most likely of which is that bullet from Thunderhelm that's still stuck in me and hurts on a cold morning, as this morning is in Hataria.

I also keep having tremors in my hands which vex me, as they come and go. I've painted up a storm of paintings, too, a couple of which I intend to see if some in other systems might want (thinking of Kitsune and my Sis).

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Turns out that we've got that Foot procedure today about 1 PM. Wu and River had completely forgotten it, and Gus had to be reminded of that fact. So I've Front for today, and then this weekend through the next week Kameshi, then during Finals week Kanari.

As it is, I am here when I didn't see that coming. I'll have an actual update about things with my family later.

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Because the person I feared has been punished by her family in accordance with an agreement they made with the House of Chaliel. My.....problem....has been healed by Kana, using her method of non-contact healing. Meremi is extremely grateful for this, and her pregnancy itself is going well. Kana's pregnant again, which has me extremely worried. She doesn't need to go through this again. She sounds far too hollow for my own liking, and if my suspicions as to the why are correct I will be extremely displeased.

Kana looks so sad and worn right now. It's like she's aged a decade in a few months. I know I'm not the only one worried about her, to be certain. She's a lot of people who care for her. Front today will be a 3-way split between myself, Ashari, and Kanari.


Edit-And as to a certain matter-I will never leave you, Sis. No matter what other people try to cause. Just....I won't. I love you, and you're my Sis. Certain things will need time, and I respect that. But I wanted to state that bluntly.


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