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Melvin appears to really hate my guts right about now. I might note that here: 

This ridiculous scumbag continues to screech this, what he thinks is a 'gotcha' comment. There are many problems with it, all of which he ignores when they are pointed out to him. After all, Big Lies rely upon the mindless repetition of the Leftist to stick on the other sheep. Personally I think it's a great idea if the federal government stops taking in ANY money from ANY state beyond an equal share for the common defense and a very small federal government. You'll find this disingenuous scumbag likely would rebel against such an idea. In other words this is a meaningless gotcha and he knows it.

^This is in response to this:

"Yes, let's start by taking the fiscal conservatives at their word and ending all Federal money used in the states which take more from the Federal government than they pay into it. If their ideology works, those states will be paradise."

I really expected a response of more "We will bury you liberal Commie hyena-Jew-vermin and you will sell us the shovels you Untermenschen rats."

More like the response to this statement:

"The problem is that the blue states subsidize red states who demonize the people who they mooch off of. If someone's taking my money and calling me a subhuman traitorous wretch, my idea will eventually become 'root hog, or die.'"

This subhuman traitorous wretch continues to repeat this disingenuous mantra because repetition = truth to the Left.

My personal favorite is this numbered list:

1) Apparently this liar or imbecile has not heard of Paul Ryan, nor does he care that Democrats haven't done a budget (their main responsibility) in TWO YEARS. How fair minded.
Also, notice below how fellow LIBERALS mention the Ryan plan, but NOT ONE OF THEM corrected this guy. Integrity!
2) Seriously? No Republican has ever explained how tax cuts raise prosperity or fix deficits? Is this persona utterly irrational, stupid or dishonest?
3) Apparently this scumbag is unaware of the Clinton caused recession, 9/11 or two wars. You see, everything Liberals decide exists in a vacuum does.
4) Do I need to comment on the sick, unnecessary hatemongering of this vile human being?
5) Apparently this loon or liar continues their delusion, as they seem to fail to notice Obama has carried on EVERY SINGLE ONE of these "Bush" policies, but that apparently doesn't count. Astounding.

If my statements qualify for hatemongering, Mr. Udall has evidently never played in the rougher corners of the Internet.

I am also known as Comic Book Guy to his groupies. Now that I *am* offended by. I much prefer being Sideshow Bob, thank you very much.

And as I see it this is what is:

For non-sighted: An image that says "Arguing on an Internet thread. Yeah it's this kind of smart" with a snake eating its tail.
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