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First things first, I'd like to welcome [profile] nornoriel to my FL. :-).

Second things second, my wife had the quads yesterday. The pregnancy itself was difficult, but the labor was as smooth and simple as she could hope for. My main-location is with her, awake before she is, and stroking her head. My wife is beautiful and I am blessed to be married to her. To me I consider it a blessing also that this year Meremi's gotten comfortable with expressing her feminine side, and realizing like me that a real woman (in the Hoo-ah actiony sense) can both wear dresses and deal the asskickings. My wife and I are both feminine lesbians, but we are also both people who are good at fighting, and in this year we've come to understand that both these things are what they are, they are part of us.

Third things third, my kids and family are all doing well. The kids are spending the first days of Halomein visiting with their Aunt Keshri, they will be leaving this afternoon, and will be back about yea Wednesday. The last Standard Week of a Bizjarran Year is Halomein, which is a combination of Diwali, Yule, Saturnalia, and Carnival. It's a pan-Imperial festivity and even the monotheists like the Axhamani and Valuti participate, as the Ecumenical Patriarch made a ruling of "It's fun and as Suvaamush says "All things are permissible to us." Essentially Axhamanianar is what Christianity might have been had Jovinian's more sex-positive thinking taken over from Augustine's prudery.

So I wish you a Kurzalul Halomein and there will be festivities for the next 14 days, those who know our system, are able to travel, and are interested in joining the fun can do so at any time. :-).


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