Sep. 9th, 2012

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Currently in round II of a set of discussions with a certain person on LJ who has a track record of distorting other people's words and also with some strongly a-historical arguments. In this case this person wants to argue that Baby Boomers made the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s happen. I can simply and effectively debunk this with a simple matter of chronology: assuming the Boomers start in 1945/6 (which is the timeframe my father was born in, incidentally), then for them to be active in the Little Rock and Montgomery era would mean a mass white Children's Crusade happened out of thin air and was covered up. The claim that the Freedom Riders and likeminded groups were the start of that movement is an obnoxious part of white progressive rhetoric that never made sense to me even when I was actually in high school. As someone working on a Master's in history, if I'm going to be lectured by some person who's in the Boomer generation about how the 1960s movements happened out of a vacuum and that 1955 was led by children, I do not have any respect for said person's credibility.

It's about as bad as seeing David Neiwert and Sara Robinson argue against fascism on the one hand and then dedicate an entire post to explaining how Woodrow Wilson, a dogmatic, authoritarian asshole at home was not in actual fact a dogmatic, racist, authoritarian asshole of the very sort that site claims to condemn on a regular basis. Under L does not like being treated as a kid by someone who lived through a movement who doesn't understand the iron logic of chronology.


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