Jun. 7th, 2012

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[personal profile] king_bishop_of_hataria . May yours be a happy and prosperous one. ^.^


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I might note that the Omniverse is a generic catch-all term referring to a broad number of series. My timelines on AH.com are the Hard Sci-Fi element (well, aside from the Godzillaverse which is also published there). I wish to emphasize, however, that for all that the universe of the Up With the Star timeline and others is generic alternate history in terms of science fiction, that these universes still occur in the broader Omniverse where Pandaemonium and the Universal Empire wage their contest for Cosmic Evil and Cosmic Good. The Cosmic entities just have bigger issues on their hand than a timeline where one guy becoming Vice-President leads to another guy surviving to be the missing link with a particular empire derailing history as we knew it.

I should emphasize that while in the Up With the Star universe and its fellow alternate histories none of the sword and sorcery/urban fantasy and space opera elements show up, they're still reflecting the same cosmology. The difference is just that one set of universes is very strongly veiled from the cosmic horrors that lurk through the Omniverse, the others either are their playgrounds/cat's paws or so exposed to them that they turn into sci-fi universes by mere contact.


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