Jan. 7th, 2011

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I have been reading about General H'ven Martashur, one of the great generals of the War of the Interregnum. The guy was immensely interesting because he altered tactics and logistics in a sense that Kanari herself says predated the Restorationist army, mobile, hard-hitting, excellent use of firepower to enhance the effects of maneuver. I was browsing through some A-M-131-er Generals on a lark to see if there were any comparable generals, and found ironically two recent ones in the 19th and 20th Centuries, respectively: Nathan Bedford Forrest (because the ability to mass-produce General Gerigstandgros's weapons did not exist then, the functional effect of what he did, however, was so like it that it was in truth the Low-Tech version of same) and General Yamashita of the IJA, who outmaneuvered and outfought an Imperial British force with larger numbers in a terrain that European armies would have had trouble with, with less-high tech equipment and in general Magnificent Bastardy.

The really interesting bit is that H'ven Martashur fought on the winning side, but his lower-tech Restorationist strategic-logistical-tactical combination delivered the same results Felagund's did with only 1/4 the total casualties. Given my experiences serving under Felagund.........I will say after the Third Bizjarran Campaign he learned very, very rapidly and by the end of the war was as good with the new technology and tactics as any of the other Restorationists of the time were.



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